Ioana TĂmaŞ Ceramics

Artist Statement

My work is mostly conceptual and figurative and expresses my own thoughts and imagination. It is a research of human mind and body, the way I see and understand it. It also represents my own development; my work reflects me and my experiences. Although my sculptures are fictional/imaginary in character they always express a true story behind. Even if it is a personal story or someone else's. I prefer a fantastic approach over a realistic one just because I like to see where my imagination can go.

I like to be spontaneous in my work and try to express my thoughts directly in clay. The sculptures are hand-built without putting my thoughts in lines on paper first. This way the idea is clear but the shape is an exciting surprise. This is a part of my experiencing and discovering of the shape. I also like to apply a wide variety of techniques, for a solid expressiveness in different approaches. The subjects I choose are related to my experiences or thoughts on what happens around me at the present moment.



2010-2012 Universitatea de Artă şi Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Qualification: Certificate and Diploma in ceramics for Bachelor’s and MA degree
2007-2010 Universitatea de Artă şi Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2003-2007 School / FE College: “ Romulus Ladea”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, specialization ceramics

Prizes / awards

Ceramic internship


Study abroad Student at Ecole supérieure des arts Saint-Luc,Liège,Belgium, 2009
Intern at Anadolu University, Eskişehir, Turkey, 2011
Work Experience Assistant at the head of the ceramics department in Anadolu University, Eskişehir, Turkey. Demonstrations and workshops with ceramic techniques

Exhibitions and projects

2018 Ceramic Art Andenne, Belgium
2017 Work in progress, project presentation,, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Research of paper, latex, resin techniques; research of ceramics in combination with other materials, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Exhibition “Inspiratie”, Onomatopee gallery, Einhoven, Netherlands
2016 Project Exhibition KEK 040 (Kollektief Eindhovense Kunsten), Van Abbemuseum and pop-up gallery Molenveld, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Search of Identity, Kunstencentrum Weert, Weert, Netherlands
Personal exhibition, Brooklyn Square Gallery, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2015 Pink Screens festival, Brussels, Belgium
Group exhibition, “Identity”, TAC, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Bergeijkse internationale Keramiekmarkt, Netherlands
Biennale de la ceramique, International ceramics market, Raku, "The stories untold", Andenne, Belgium
Biennale de la ceramique, "Frontier", Andenne, Belgium
2014 "Strings", Park Theatre, Eindhoven, Netherlands
"Tandem, NVK, Haarlem, Nederlands
2013 "Strings", Van Abbemusseum, Eindhoven, Netherlands
8. Internationale Keramikbiennale, "Zeichen und Wunder", Kapfenberg, Austria
“The ceramics theatre”, work in progress, KunstClub, Eindhoven, Netherlands
“Colorful Festival”, ceramics, Oude Rechtbank, Eindhoven, Netherlands
2012 Group exhibition “Keramiek van hier en nu”, ceramics, deKunstClub, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Graduate exhibition Universitatea de Artă şi Design, ceramics, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2011 Group exhibition “Albac 21 experimental”, ceramics, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2010 Group exhibition Biennial of Ceramics "Artele Focului", ceramics, Museum of Art, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Graduate exhibition Universitatea de Artă şi Design, ceramics, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
2009 Group exhibition "Auberge Espagnol" engraving, painting, installation, Liège, Belgium
2007 Group exhibition "Portret", drawing, The Gallery of Art College "Romul Ladea", Cluj-Napoca, Romania